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Springtime down on the Farm 


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The Farm is still a bustle of activity as the lambs and piglets born in early spring grow bigger, we welcome our first Jersey calf to the Farm Family. The horses and the donkeys have been getting baths and Mable our Marsh Daisy rare breed chicken hatched 6 new chicks. 


Berry, our purebred Jersey Cow had a Jersey heifer calf on 25 May. She is the first calf born at the Farm this year and has already stolen the hearts of the Farm staff.  Watch out for milking demos and updates of our growing little calf on social media.

This little piggy....

The piglets born in early Spring on the Farm have grown and are doing well, loving the sunshine we have had recently and wallowing in their mud baths. One of Tallulah the Tamworth's piglets was the smallest of the litter, so the Farm staff have been feeding him extra milk to help him grow. Thanks to a fun naming competition on Facebook, this little piglet is now known as Captain Tom.  Visit The Farm's Facebook page all the recent animal videos from down on the Farm. 


After oour spring lambing season, we now have 38 new lambs in total and they are Suffolk crosses, mules and Leeicester Longwools. 

The sheep have had their annual shear and are looking smart in their new, trimmed coats (took the lambs a little while to recognize their mums without all of their winter wool). The sheep are sheared at our Farm once a year for hygiene and health purposes and are sheared for the first time when they are one year old, called 'shearlings.' 

The world record for the fastest shear is less than 40 seconds, however, most shearers take around 2 - 3 minutes to complete one sheep. It took our shearer most of the day to shear our flock of 42 sheep. Head to the Farm's facebook page to watch a video from the day. 


9 chicks hatched on 1 April (no we aren't kidding!) and they are already up and running around and able to feed themselves.  There are two types of chicks at the Farm - Cream Legbar and Exchequer Leghorn. The cream legbar lay blue eggs, while the exchequer leghorn's lay spotted eggs that look sort of like a dalmation with white and black markings. 

Bringing the Farm to you

We plan to bring you even more content from the Farm. Since Berry has had her calf, we plan on bringing you 'milking demos' along with our Friday Farm Fact videos - stay tuned on our social media channels for all of the latest animal news. 

Out in the fields

With The Farm being currently closed we are taking advantage of having a bit more time to do some field work. Harrowing and rolling is in full swing to ensure we get the grass really going now and we all love a bit of muck spreading! 

So for now, please take care of yourselves, stay safe and make sure to follow us on our social channels to keep you updated on all the animal antics over the next few weeks.

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Adopted Animal Updates

See how Prancer the Reindeer and Frosty the Donkey are getting on in our Adopt An Animal page.