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Adopt an Animal

Adopt an Animal at Tatton Park's Farm and help protect our Rare Breeds!

When you adopt an animal at Home Farm, you'll be able to get really involved with the progress of your chosen friend. By  adopting, you'll be making a positive contribution to the upkeep of the farm’s animals. Download an application form for more information (PDF, 640KB).

Choose your favourite farmyard friend from the following Rare Breeds:

  • Blossom the Clydesdale
  • Tallulah the Tamworth
  • Prancer the Reindeer
  • Frosty the Donkey

As an adopter you'll receive an adoption pack which includes:

  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • A photograph of your adopted animal
  • A biannual update of your chosen farmyard friend
  • A special adopter day to meet your animal
  • A fact sheet about your chosen rare breed

Blossom the ClydesdaleBlossom the Clydesdale

Blossom is our blue roan Clydesdale mare.

The Clydesdale breed is classed as “at risk” on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Watchlist but Blossom is doing her best to help preserve this magnificent breed. In 2006, she had her first foal, Tatton Jubilee Jester (JJ for short) and is a natural mum. She has since had further foals, Tatton Talisman in 2007, Tatton Tabitha in 2008 and Tatton Grey Friar in 2010. She is now having a well deserved break.

Blossom lives with her son Friar and daughter Tabitha. She especially enjoys being groomed and meeting all the visitors.

Tamzin the Tamworth sowTamzin the Tamworth sow

Tamzin is a Tamworth sow who was born on July 10th 2011.

She has a very warm personality and loves experiencing new things and meeting new pigs and new people!  She grew up alongside Myrtle the Middle White pig and they are the best of friends.

A natural show off at heart she loved competing against other pigs in the 2012 Cheshire show where she won first prize!

Prancer the ReindeerPrancer the Reindeer

Prancer was born in Scandinavia in May 2011 and arrived here at Home Farm at just 11 months old. She enjoys nothing better than her daily run out into pasture and woodland with her best friend and sleigh partner Dancer.

Although Prancer was very shy when she first arrived in England, she has proved to be a real show-off and just loves all the attention that she gets off the visitors.

Frosty the DonkeyFrosty the Donkey

 A comical character who is full of life and energy - she is kept young at heart by her nauty nephew Huw.

A firm favourite with all the children, Frosty loves her daily pampering grooming session.

The Adoption Scheme has been made possible as a result of the establishment of an independent Tatton Park Trust which was established in 1996 (Charity number 1111357).

With the support of both Cheshire East Council and the National Trust, the Tatton Park Trust is able to raise additional funds for conservation, education, access, cultural activity and other charitable purposes related to Tatton Park.