Secret stories of Tatton Park

Will you be the first to discover, the one to uncover, the secret stories of Tatton Park?

This year join our curious cat ‘Old Tom’ and his nosey sidekick ‘Parker’ to find out about the people, places and treasures that make Tatton so special.


At a place where wildlife walks and trees talk, join the rangers on secret walks discovering unexplored areas of the Parkland not normally open to visitors. Follow Tatton’s wonderful wildlife caught on hidden camera and shared via regular tweets.


The Mansion

Travel back through the Egerton family line to discover a home of history and mystery. See fascinating family treasures for the first time, uncover the secret life of the Egerton children and learn about a servant’s role in times gone by.



Dig deep into the secrets of farming life… Learn about the horse dentist, the sheep scanner and hoof trimming! Find out what’s inside Tabitha the Shire Horse’s tummy, keep an eye out for our secret spycam and discover our exciting plans for the ‘Field to Fork’ story!


The Gardens

Where gardens bloom through garden gates, unearth the secret life of a famous 19th century gardener, discover the story behind one of the oldest buildings in Tatton and relax in one of the last Lord Egerton’s favourite hidden spaces.


Old Hall

For history and mystery travel back in time at the Old Hall. On secret dates throughout the year discover the remarkable residents from Lord of the Manor to the humble Mole Catcher, who made this ‘hidden gem’ their home. Don’t miss The Medieval Fayre and Halloween hauntings where historic characters and secret stories come to life.