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Tatton Park History

Life In Victorian Times 

The Egertons’ were a rich aristocratic family and during Queen Victoria’s reign three generations of the family lived at Tatton Park. Learn more about how life was in Victorian times by participating in activities, such as, coming up with fun ways to entertain your friends and family, trying your hand at baking scones and much more!

Download 'Life in Victorian Times' activity sheet

The Tatton Ball

In 1897, Wilbraham and Alice Egerton hosted the most magnificent costumed ball at Tatton Park. This series of 3 resources gives you the chance to learn more about the ball, as well as planning your own party, helping with the servant’s daily tasks and learning a basic waltz. There is a chance to win a trip to the Mansion to see where the real costumed ball took place. 

  • Party Planning

Start planning your very own costumed party and make your own fancy, floral decorations.

Download the 'Tatton Ball - Party Planning' activity sheet (PDF, 546KB)

  • Servants' Preparations

Become a new recruit to Tatton’s household team and assist with the household tasks.

Download the 'Tatton Ball - Servants' Preparations' activity sheet (PDF, 661KB) 

  • Party Time

Host your very own costumed ball with food, music and dance.

Download the 'Tatton Ball - Party Time' activity sheet (PDF, 400KB) 

World War One 

'Tatton to the Trenches' is a comprehensive resource pack for teachers, which supports learning about World War One and the local area. Many Tatton employees, from footmen to foresters, volunteered to fight in the trenches. Explore the experience of Tatton soldiers during the Great War. Why did they join up to fight? Where did they serve? Learn about the life of a British soldier in the trenches. What sort of jobs did they have? What did they wear and what did they eat? Find out about the medals they were given and why. Learn more about women’s contribution to the war effort and about the forgotten wartime refugees in Cheshire. This resource was roduced with kind support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund through the Then and Now Project. 

Download the  'Tatton to the Trenches' resource pack (PDF, 6MB) 

World War Two 

  • Life of an Evacuee

During World War Two, children were evacuated from big cities to farms, like Tatton Park's Farm, for safety. Download the activity sheet below and learn more about life as an evacuee during wartime.

Download the 'World War Two: Evacuees' Activity sheet (PDF, 577KB) 

  • Communication during the War 

Discover how people communicated during wartime and think about how this is different from the modern day.

Download the 'World War Two: Communications' Activity sheet (PDF, 336KB) 

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