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Haunted Hallowe'en at the Old Hall

26 - 31 October 2019



Calling all magical beings!

Arch-wizard Fumblefoot has called a Great Wizard Gathering at the Medieval Old Hall this Halloween half term…

Your adventure will take place at Tatton Park's Old Hall - all that is left of a medieval village of honest working folk, raised to the ground by dragons hundreds of years ago! Expect to mix up a potion, invoke an ancient medieval spirit, and meet a whole host of spooky characters, whilst exploring the ancient grounds.

Your mission: to conjure, to magic and to fight off the dragon attack and save the world (and the Old Hall!) from a fiery future. So, this Halloween, bring out your magical side, give your wizard some wiz, your pixie some dust, and roar up your monster on an immersive journey through curious forests and magical workshops.

(No Woodland Wizards or Medieval Witches will be harmed in the process of this two hour family-friendly rusticus adventure!)

Dare to join us? 
Be quick. Limited places for magical beings only.
26 – 31 October 

£10 pp (under 12 months free)