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19 October 2019
Discover the art of the oldest craft in the world: Flintknapping. How did our earliest ancestors make tools to survive through the Stone Age? Find out with experimental archaeologist James Dilley who will guide you through the process of making your flint tools to take home at the end. The oldest flint tools found in Britain date to around 1 million years ago, the latest around 3000 years ago so you will have the chance to try your hand at a process used for 99.7% of human presence in Britain! The aim of the day will be for attendees to go home with a variety of different stone tools they have made, new flintknapping skills and a new appreciation for prehistoric technology.

James is currently at the University of Southampton studying prehistoric projectile and spear technology. He frequently appears on TV such as on BBC Coast, Time Team and Invasion with Dr. Sam Willis (to be broadcast in early December). You can see some of James's work on display at Stonehenge at in the British Museum's new Sir Joseph Hotung gallery. Guidance will be on-hand at all times.

This event must be pre-booked and includes park entry admission on the day of the workshop. This is intended for adults and children aged 14 and above.


10:00 - 16:00


£70 (includes park entry and all materials)


For more information and to book visit Eventbrite or call 01625 374 428.