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oneplace - contemporary arts programme
Andy Goldsworthy hawthorn ice leaves

Oneplace was a landscape based contemporary arts programme which took place at Tatton from 2005 – 2008.

During this time it supported a critical framework that articulated Tatton Park’s ‘sense of place’ and created opportunities for a range of arts practitioners to explore and interpret the historic, current and future landscape of Tatton Park and its unique history and relationship between landscape,  architecture and people.

The project offered opportunities for a range of arts practitioners to create new work in a range of artforms. oneplace was planned to support a wide and diverse programme of activity. This included inviting internationally acclaimed sculptor Andy Goldsworthy to be part of the oneplace programme.

Andy Goldsworthy came to Tatton Park on two week long work periods in November 2005 (Winter Works) and July 2007 (Summer Works). In the former he used the very cold weather to advantage by making sculptures which used ice as well as incorporating other materials such as branches and leaves close to one of the ice ponds. This historical feature had not been used at Tatton Park in more than a century to harvest ice and his work linked together the historical and contemporary aspects of Tatton Park’s landscape.  One of his Winter pieces featured in the December 21st 2005 issue of The New York Times. His other period of work saw him use leaves, rushes, thorns, branches and rain to create works within the context of the Beech Avenue near to the Choragic Monument. 
Girl in red shoes by Rob Valeoneplace also supported emerging practitioners to develop new work, career opportunities and profile. Applications were generated from arts practitioners from the UK who had completed a professional training within the previous 5 years, or were currently engaged on MA or other research courses, or had a non-institutional career development. 
Appointed residency practitioners were Rob Vale, Helen Jacobs, Christopher Mayo, Samantha Donnelly, Lucie Potter and Sam Clayton & Mark Jacobs. Between them they created a new series of artworks using sculpture, film, music and sound which explored Tatton Park in new and significant ways.

An important part of oneplace was its Education and Access programme which gave a wide variety of groups and individuals from Cheshire and the North West an opportunity to be more closely involved in the project through workshops, talks, exhibitions and a seminar.

oneplace was supported and funded by Cheshire County Council, Arts Council England North West, Cheshire Rural Enterprise, National Trust, PRS Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn foundation and Manchester Airport.

Oneplace is being developed and project managed with the assistance of ARTS UK.