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Memory Maker

Go on... tell us your stories & memories, so that we can preserve them for future generations to enjoy and make more meaning of Tatton Park from the past. Email your story on: memory_maker_2013@yahoo.co.uk

Memorymaker is a new archival project funded by the Tatton Park Memory Maker Logo
Charitable Trust with the aim to collect new material and research to enhance the visitors’ experience at Tatton Park.

There are three distinct research strands within
memory maker illustration by Andrew WilliamsMemorymaker:

1) Paint and Provenance: Investigating the origin behind some of the paintings
in Tatton’s extensive collection.
2) Oral History Archive: Discovering new memories, stories & experiences to extend and build upon Tatton Park’s current archives and resources.
3) Manchester Ship Canal: Finding connections between the waterways, post industrialisation and Tatton Park.

Tatton Park holds a multitude of personal stories, which are wrapped up in the estate, its history and the physical landscape of the property.

Everyone has a story to tell and each story is important! Key to this project is building a collection of living people’s testimonies from people of all ages. We are interested in hearing personal stories, memories and life experiences about Tatton Park and those relating to Tatton’s painting collection or its connections with the Manchester’s Ship Canal.

Over the next three months, Memorymaker Project Manager Debbie Chan will be working with a dedicated team of research volunteers to investigate the many topics involved. A key role for the Memorymaker team will involve the gathering, collecting and recording of these stories to ensure they are preserved for future generations to enjoy; allowing people connect to and make more meaning of Tatton Park from the past.

Debbie Chan said, “What one person thinks is a mundane story, will be a fascinating story for someone else, so don’t rule out your own story. Just imagine how interesting these stories will be in a hundred or a thousand years time”? Memorymaker wants stories from all over the UK, so if you have ever worked at Tatton Park or have a friend or relative that once did who would like to share their memories, then please get in contact with us”. She then continues, “We are keen to speak with people who have an ancestor (e.g. great-grandparent, great-great grandparent etc) who helped construct or were connected to Manchester Ship Canal and we want people coming forward if they have a personal connection or story with any of the paintings or artists currently exhibited in Tatton’s Mansion?

If you have a story to tell and would like to contribute please email: memory_maker_2013@yahoo.co.uk
Our team of volunteers will then explore, gather and select various stories, and you may be asked to retell your story, which will be recorded and added to Tatton’s oral histories archive. If you also have photographs that accompany your stories, we would be very interested in seeing them too.

The Memorymaker team are also working closely with Caroline Schofield, Tatton's Mansions and Collections Manager who is currently working on the Hidden Histories project, so that we can help each other uncover new facts and information about the Mansion and the estate.