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Guardian Angels: Cristina Rodrigues : 21 May - 4 October 

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Cristina Rodrigues is delighted to bring her exhibition 'Guardian Angels' to Tatton Park this summer. As a National Trust site and home to a collection of art from different countries, Tatton Park is ideally suited to host her artwork. The Portuguese artist has chosen Manchester as her new home and the ideal city to set up her art studio in the UK, bringing to life many of her art creations here. These reflect her Portuguese origins but also her own integration into the British culture, which has touched her heart and her imagination. Dividing her time between Portugal and the UK, Cristina works with Portuguese artisans in her studios in the north and centre of Portugal, and engages the help of women from different backgrounds in the northwest of England who enjoy sharing their skills and experiences with the artist. Cristina’s art celebrates the role of women in society, across different cultures, and tells their combined stories. Her art installations lend an artistic identity to functional objects, through exaggerated yet stunning decoration with silks and lace, simulative of women's traditional habit of embellishing their homes.


'Guardian Angels' will highlight the dichotomy between contemporary art expressions and traditional archetypes, while celebrating the myths and legends of Cheshire and women's hand in them. It will also offer narratives from diverse urban settings in 21st century Britain, inviting visitors into a cross-cultural journey through time. They will be delighted by Tatton Park’s beautiful antiques and local traditions and challenged by Cristina‘s vibrant pieces. As these impose their colourful exuberance throughout the Mansion and touch exhibits from the past, they will insight visitors to engage their senses in the contrast between these historical surroundings and today's new era.


 Cristina Rodrigues collage

Cristina Rodrigues collage